Our values


The commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism is above all a personal commitment in which we have believed in for many years.

Following many meetings, exchanges and some personal reflections, we are convinced that it is possible to be a tourism structure while having a positive and lasting impact on the local territory and its population.

We also engage ourselves concretely by many daily actions :

  •   Reduction and reuse of waste (as much as possible)
  •   Reduction of energy consumption with LED equipment for outdoor and indoor lighting, sanitary equipped with motion detectors...
  •   Restoration with fresh, local and organic products (as much as possible)
  •   Reserved management of our water resource
  •   maintains with fully healthy, biodegradable products
  •   Training, support and exchange with the local population through various initiatives (local staff, support to youth associations, disabled and cooperatives, meetings and exchanges with customers ...)

This commitment comes through you too, because every move counts!
It is important to us that each traveler is aware of his/her impact and role during their travel.

This is why we invite you to make your stay a moment of meetings, exchange and tolerance.
With these values of solidarity and sustainability you will be welcomed at The Ecolodgy Palm Grove