The garden of Boudar

Berber houses

Traditionally, each agricultural parcel of the palm grove had its own name to be identified. Before the creation of the campsite, this land was also an agricultural parcel, this garden was called BOUDAR.

The literal translation of this ancient Berber word is « MEETING ».

Being located at the doors of the gardens of the palm grove, it was a place of passage and permanent meetings around its prosperous well with fresh water, very famous among the villagers up to now.

These are the values we cultivate every day at The Palm grove. In a site of a generous nature, we perpetuate and share the welcome and Amazigh culture (Berbers).

Adel opened a campsite in 2008, after 7 years of work, from the village of Tajda, and from a family of Berber peasants, this campsite was a dream that achieved little by little.

The Ecolodgy Palm Grove engages in a new approach after 10 years of existence, and specializes as Ecolodgy.

Becoming sustainable in the local area through organic farming, responsible tourism, solidarity and sustainability.